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History of Indian Jewellery goes back to ancient era and the gold Jewellery symbolizes the signs of wealth, culture, religion as well as tradition. Indian woman loves gold Jewellery and she always needs the embellishment of ornaments. Be it, designer gold necklace, mangalsutra, bangles, earring, ring or chain, enchanting Jewellery always catalyze the woman’s charm. All the aspects of Indian Jewellery can resemble the eternal beauty of a woman. It is an expression of art that intensify and makes women feel special and differentiate herself from the crowd.
India’s Gold, Silver, Diamond Jewellery and Traditional Jewellery are very popular all over the world for its design, craftsmanship. Indian Woman Jewellery has a lot of variety and ranges from earrings, nose pins, waist belts, hair pins, bracelets, necklaces, neckpieces, toe rings, hair ornaments to arm bands for adorning the beauty. Jewellery made with emeralds, diamonds, pearls, rubies, sapphires and other precious and semi-precious stones have been in practice since long period. India is very diverse country so are its Jewellery traditions. Every region has its unique design and these designs are known by these regions. The designs in solid gold Jewellery of Tamil Nadu and Kerala are inspired by nature, the Meenakari and Kundan styles of Jewellery making have been influenced by the Mughal Era. Maharashtrian jewllery has its own style, designs and became very much popular because of Maratha Empire which was spread across the major parts of India.


online gold jewellery shopping in pune




Traditional Jewellery reminds us of our countries rich culture, style and unique designing aspect. P N Gadgil & Sons have extra edge; when it comes to making of Maharashtrain Jewellery as it originates from the Maharashtra state and it is in Jewellery business since 1832. This brand is very popular amongst the customers for craftsmanship, design, purity and service. Many people prefer to buy Jewellery for wedding and Bridal Jewellery is an important aspect in traditional Maharashtrian Wedding. Bride wears Maharshtiran Necklaces such as Sarri, Laxmi har, putali har, Pohe har, Chpala har, Surya har. Thushi, Bormal, Chokar; Waistbands (Kambar Patta), Anklets, Bangles such as Tode, Patlya, Nose pins (Nath), Hair accessories, Toe rings, Earrings such Bugadi, Mangalsutras Wati-Mani, Arm Bands (Waki), Finger Rings. Bridal Jewellery ‘Bakul Set’ is also popular in Maharashtra. A set of seven pieces represent ‘Saat Phera’ in a wedding. These pieces are a long necklace, a choker, Tops, Bajuband, Kada’s, Bindi and finger ring. Basic theme for this Jewellery is a flower (a Bakuli flower); which is pretty to look at and extremely fragrant with distinct freshness. Everyone is aware that her presence brings blossom in the family. Hence, people are more interested in such type of jewellery.


To make Traditional or Maharashtrian Jewellery P N Gadgil & Sons use old dyes, traditional specialized techniques. So aspirants who are looking gold Jewellery shopping in Pune or even for traditional Jewellery and authenticate Maharashtrian Jewellery must visit PNG & Sons. Many film and tv serials producers has approached PNG & Sons to Design Traditional Jewellery and Maharashtrian Jewellery. PNG have designed and provided such Jewellery to television serials such as Raja Shiva chatraapati, Shreemat Peshwa Bajirao-Mastani, Rani Padmini and Film such as Ajintha, Balgandharva, Rama-Madhav and engaged in various Bollywood films projects Such as Bajirao Mastani, Mohenjo Daro.


Sometimes we look for exclusive Jewellery as we want to standout different in crowd. PNG & Sons offers exclusive Jewellery or designer Jewellery as per customers demand. P N Gadgil & Sons have Rose Gold, Ruby Gold, Light Weight Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery in which Necklaces, Rings, Finger Rings, Tops, Earrings Rings, Bracelets, Neckpieces, Fusion Rings. This Jewellery has a many masterpieces and even this Jewellery can go on with any dressing like Indo-western or Salwar-Kurta or Sari. Those who are cautious about fashion PNG offers them customized Jewellery to suit as per their needs. So, those who are looking for gold Jewellery shopping be it for traditional, Maharashtrian or modern Jewellery require to visit PNG & Sons to enjoy the jewellery shopping.