Best Work Wear Jewellery award to PNG Sons

Mumbai, 19 August 2019

PNG Sons (P. N. Gadgil & Sons Ltd.) has won Best Work Wear Jewellery award of Retail Jeweller India, 2019 which is prestigious in the retail jewellery sector of India. Mr. Govind (alias as) Ajit Gadgil Chairman-Director of the company has received the same in a grand award ceremony which was held in Mumbai recently. Jewellers from across the country sent their nominations for the various awards categories. For Best Work Wear Jewellery category, Retail Jeweller India had received hundreds of applications and only 6 got nominations for the same. Finally, P. N. Gadgil & Sons Ltd. won the Best Work Wear Jewellery award on the basis of design element and philosophy.

Idea behind Work Wear Jewellery

For centuries women have been viewed as the caretaker of the family. But, now Indian women are entrepreneur. In India women entrepreneur play very pivotal role. Today’s women are independent, every women is building her identity in her profession. She is very passionate for her work and also her attire which she carries in her day to day life and so she wears jewellery that suit her everyday life and profession. Keeping all these things in mind we have designed this delicate jewellery piece. In this set the tree and leaves represent the strength of a women for her love ones and yellow stones in the pendant refers to her family as she is always like a shadow of love, care and protection for her family.