Purity and Quality

Purity & Quality

That beautiful necklace, those stunning earrings, that tempting bracelet… everything is irresistible at P. N. Gadgil & Sons ltd., all set with an enchanting range of jewellery for you to handpick from, this festive season But before you buy your chosen piece, just ensure that it is a BIS hallmark upto 22 Carats jewellery.

Hallmarking in simple terms is a quality assurance certification that guarantees the purity of gold. In India the system is BIS Hallmark which certifies that the piece of jewellery adheres to a set of standards laid by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The hallmarking is done at the BIS Authorized Labs where the gold in every piece is individually tested for its purity and if found correct, a mark is put on it by laser machine.

The BIS Hallmark for gold jewellery consists of the following components-
The BIS logo, a three digit number (out of a set of four pre-defined values) indicating the purity of the gold in part-per-thousand-format, logo of the assaying centre.

Jewellery is a heritage that stays for generations. So, at P. N. Gadgil & Sons Ltd. we educate our customers and encourage them to buy BIS hallmark upto 22 Carats jewellery. With hallmarking, you get an assurance of its purity and value. Even the banks prefer Hallmarked Gold Jewellery as security while giving loans against jewellery.