Designer Diamond Jewellery By PNG & Sons

We all know that every woman loves ornament and without them her adornment cannot be completed. In Indian culture jewellery is an integral part of women’s life. Festivals, Marriage and other special occasions bring an opportunity to buy jewellery or to gift them to your loved ones. As the time changes women’s Jewllery fashion has also evolved. Woman loves jewellery and it is very close to their heart. Gold Jewellery continues to dazzle, but Diamond Jewellery is also making an impact as new Jewellery fashion statement amongst the women. Even, now a day’s men are also taking an interest in diamond jewellery.


On global level diamond jewellery along with Rose Gold is preferred by the fashion designers. Diamond Jewellery has its own charm and creates impression too. A small and good looking diamond can make a difference and enhance you looks. In India demand for diamond Jewellery has started picking up. Most of the modern day women today prefer wearing diamond Jewellery that looks elegant and also it makes them stand out in crowd. Diamond is precious, so buying Diamond Jewellery is an aspiration of every Indian. Keeping in mind, the aspiration values and evolving Diamond jewellery fashion as well as rising demand for it, P N Gadgil & Sons India’s leading Jewellery Brand has launched Festival of Diamonds to celebrate this Diwali with Latest Diamond Jewellery.


Designer Diamond Jewellery by PNG & Sons


P N Gadgil & Sons is known for Purity, quality, craftsmanship and service since 1832. PNG & Sons offers only IGI certified diamonds, diamond jewellery which is based on 4Cs Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat and these standards are defined by International Gemology Institute (IGI). PNG and Sons only offers 100% exchange and attractive buyback facility for diamond jewellery. P N Gadgil and Sons makes all types of customize jewellery.
In India, on special occasions such as Wedding, Engagement, Family Get together, Party; women want to adore with jewellery. In Festive time, traditional dressing can’t be completed without traditional jewellery. But, this jewellery has some limitations in the fashion world. Diamond Jewellery can be worn on various occasions, especially when it comes to Party, engagements weddings and it can go also with traditional clothing. PNG & Sons Festival of Diamonds have wide collection of Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Mangalsutra Pendants and Cocktail Rings which can be worn in parties, on special occasions as well as for festive and daily use.


Now a day’s for engagement or wedding, bride and grooms likes to wear diamond rings, bands; as diamond is a symbol of style statement and prosperity. Diamond with Rose Gold is a new combination and in demand along with diamond-yellow gold Jewellery. P N Gadgil & Sons have handcrafted Rose Gold Jewellery Collection which includes Rings, Bracelets and Pendants. The Rose Gold collection has many masterpieces which will not only capture your attention but also be a show stopper with diamonds adding to its beauty. Diamond jewellery goes well with any outfit that fulfills the need to look elegant and dazzle in a crowd.