PNG Sons Top jeweller in Dombivli

PNG Sons Dombivli

Top jeweller in Dombivli

PNG (P N Gadgil & Sons) is one of the oldest jeweller which is founded way back in 1832 in Sangli. Being in the jewellery business for almost two centuries; PNG Sons became the jewellery brand in retail jewellery sector as it has given priority to purity, quality and customer satisfaction. People say, Gold Purity means PNG Sons.  

PNG Sons has huge patronage base of customers from various parts of the Maharashtra and India. PNG Sons has opened the store in Dombivli to serve customers in an efficient manner and even

Dombivlikar were demanding to open the store in Dombivli. PNG Sons Dombivli is part of PNG Sons (P N Gadgil & Sons Ltd) which is owned by Mr. Ajit Gadgil & Dr. Renu Gadgil. PNG Sons Dombivli store is located at Phadke Road, Dombivli (E) and it is central location of the Dombivli. In fact Dombivli PNG store is walk able from Dombivli railway station.  

Customers can fill comfort while shopping their favorite jewellery at PNG Sons Dombivli as PNG Sons has designed the PNG Sons Dombivli store spacious. Keeping in mind the variety is important, PNG Sons Dombivli store has dedicated counters for gold, diamond and silver jewellery.

PNG Sons is always been trend setter for jewellery designs and has launched various designs be it traditional or contemporary jewellery. PNG Sons Dombivli has latest collections such as Temple Jewellery Classics, Lantern Collection of Earrings, Zaroka Collection of Tops-Pendants, Maharashtrian Jewellery Collection, Majestic Halos Collection of Pendants-Rings, Traditional Jewellery, First Love First Diamond, Crafted for choice etc.

Now days, we want one stop solutions for specific needs and wedding being such an important milestone of life, we don’t want to compromise. PNG Sons which is known for purity, quality and customer satisfaction would be the obvious choice when it comes to jewellery shopping.

PNG Sons is known for traditional jewellery designs along with contemporary jewellery and is a perfect destination for wedding jewellery shopping of bride and groom. PNG Sons Dombivli store is one stop solution for any type of jewellery shopping as PNG Sons Dombivli offers customize jewellery along with readymade variety.

PNG Sons Dombivli has large variety of designer diamond jewellery, pearl jewellery, precious stones jewellery. For daily wear jewellery, PNG Sons Dombivli has lightweight, Delicate Jewellery which is designer. Customers can find the jewellery at PNG Sons Dombivli as per their design taste be it like traditional jewellery (such as Pohe Har, Laxmi Har, Chpla Har, Thushi, Tanmani, Goth, Sari, Bugdya, Chinchapeti, Thewa, Kan, Patlya, Bangdya, Pichodya, Tode, Dokyatil Phul, Nath, Kambarpatta etc), and modern jewellery (Such as chains, Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Bangles, Anklets, Pearl Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery, Various Accessories etc.)

PNG Sons Dombivli has a good variety of Mangalsutra and PNG Sons has launched Mangalsutra of every type to suit need of all women. PNG Sons Dombivli has light weight Magalsurtra, Traditional Mangalsutra, Designer Mangalsutra and Diamond Mangalsutra. 

PNG Sons Dombivli offers Silver utensils such as silver plate-dish-tat, silver pot, silver wati/bowl, silver spoons/chamcha along with gift articles be it photo frames, silver coins, flower pots, silver plaque. PNG Sons Dombivli has NSI articles Gajant Laxmi, Ganpati idols, Vitthal-Rukmini Idols and various miniatures.

PNG Sons Dombivli is a perfect store for jewellery shopping in Dombivli. In fact PNG Sons Dombivli is one of the top jewellers of Dombivli. Customers should rest assure about the quality and service at PNG Sons Dombivli store as it is company owned store and not a franchise. So do visit your Top Jeweller PNG Sons Dombivli.