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P N Gadgil & Sons (PNG & Sons) is one of the oldest and most reputed jewellery brand in the country. Founded in 1832 the brand has rich tradition of trust, purity and design excellence. PNG & Sons has served to over seven generations of customers successfully; credit for this is attributed to their motto of changing with times and striving to give something new to the customers; all the time. It’s ‘modern since 1832’ as they like to say.
Over the years PNG & Sons have maintained and developed a large design archive which includes original jewellery pieces, design dyes and specimens. The collection dates back to at least 150 years. Apart from this they also have Karigars who have been with them for generations which give them a definitive edge when it comes to authentic and classic designs.
When one visits the Nashik PNG & Sons store, one can see a large variety in gold, diamond and silver jewellery.  Nashik leading Jewellers PNG & Sons have Jewellery design schools like Temple (South India), Thewa (Rajastan), Junagarh (Gujrat) Kolkata (W. Bangal) and traditional Maharashtrian to international designs from Europe, East Asia and Middle East.
PNG & Sons the leading jewellery brand of Nashik and Maharashtra has been present in Nashik for over ten years now. PNG & Sons is the number 1 jewellery brand in the Nashik.
Over the years Nashik as a city has grown rapidly and there was a constant demand from the customers for a one more store in Nashik i.e. Nashik Road, an area which has developed rapidly. P N Gadgil & Sons will open their second store in Nashik at Star Zone Mall, Nashik Road; the new store is specious and has ample parking facilities.
Nashik PNG & Sons store will offer a great deal of convenience for the customers in the area as it will save their time and energy by making the best of jewellery and service in their vicinity.  Nasik Road PNG & Sons store will open on 23rd April 2017 at 11 am.