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Today's Rate > Gold / Gm: 24Ct (999)3310.000,   24Ct (995)-3280.000,   23.5Ct-3178.000,   23Ct-3148.000,   22Ct-3045.000,   18Ct-2483.000,   Silver / Kg: 37300
Today's Rate > Gold / Gm: 24Ct (999)3310.000,   24Ct (995)-3280.000,   23.5Ct-3178.000,   23Ct-3148.000,   22Ct-3045.000,   18Ct-2483.000,   Silver / Kg: 37300


Gold Saving Scheme : A golden opportunity

All of us know that proper investment in gold is always lucrative because of the consistently falling and rising value. Considering this significance, P. N. Gadgil and Sons has presented this scheme- The Kuber Scheme.

The Kuber Scheme offers an opportunity to invest directly in the gold and benefit from the rising rates. The scheme is very flexible and easy for the convenience of the customers.

Gold is synonymous with Prosperity

While executing the scheme:

  • The Kuber Scheme offers its members an opportunity to save in the form of gold and avail from the changing market rates.
  • Customers can participate by paying minimum Rs. 1000/- and in the multiples of Rs. 100/- thereafter.
  • When customer pays the amount, gold worth that amount at the prevailing rate on that day will be deposited in the name of the customer. (The gold purchase will be inclusive of VAT.)
  • For your convenience, the installment will be accepted at any of our branches.( Aundh Store,Satara Road store, Sinhagad Road, Chinchwad store, Bhosari Store, Mumbai Store, Satara Store,Nashik store, Solapur store )
  • Customers will be allowed to pay as much amount as they want and as many times as they want.
  • The Kuber Scheme is for one year (12 months).
  • Customers can pay in cash, by cheque or post dated cheque. The cheque should be drawn in the name of P. N. Gadgil & Sons.
  • The installment will not be accepted by debit or credit card.
  • After the period of the scheme is over, the final bill will contain all the details of the deals.
  • On the total amount paid by the customer, bonus will be paid on that amount with annual 8% rate. Bonus amount will be given as per saving account of the bank. After completion of 12 months, gold worth the said amount after cutting the TDS will be deposited in your account at the prevailing rate on that day. (Gold purchase will be inclusive of VAT.)
  • After the completion, customers can purchase pure gold or silver (wedhanis, coins) or ornaments. Cash will not be paid.
  • If the customer decides to close the scheme before its period cash amount will not be paid. Also the any bonus will not be given on the deposited amount. Only the deposited gold will be returned.
  • Customers should preserve all the receipts.
  • If the amount is deposited by cheque, gold will be deposited at the rate prevailing on that day.
  • If for any reason the cheque is bounced the deal will be cancelled and Rs. 100/- will be deducted from your account.
  • At the end of the Kuber Scheme, if you purchase jewellery, 10% discount will be given on the making charges.
  • P. N. Gadgil & Sons reserves all rights to make any type of change or amendment in the scheme.